On Writing Communities

Writing can be such a solitary endeavor. We spend hours alone, struggling to get words onto the page and then grappling with revisions. While this time is essential for getting the story out, it is important to also connect with other writers and readers. In my experience, the revision process works best if you get help from a trusted audience, people who understand your work and intentions. The people I turn to are other writers, and most of them live in my town so that we can meet face-to-face. These relationships are important not only to improving my work, but in keep me accountable for getting the work accomplished. Writing takes so much effort, and it can seem pointless when there are few material returns or especially when the practices isn’t going well. Communing with other writers is a great way to stay connected to the process, while reminding you that you are not alone. I am so thrilled that I am now on the board of the Alaska Writers Guild, where I can focus on building our state’s writing community. Find out more about the organization here: https://alaskawritersguild.com/

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